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Morgan Hill, CA

Mixers, Baluns, Bias-Tees, Couples, Diplexers Equalizers, Filters, Multipliers, Non-Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) Comb Generators, Power Dividers.

MMIC / SMT / chip / die / connectorized custom Mixer assemblies. Freq up-to: 110GHz

RF Absorber: Carbon & MagRam. Foam, Honeycomb, Sheet, Pyramidal. Ferrite Tile. High Power Designs. Specialized Outdoor Products. Dielectric Materials for Antennas and RCS Reduction.
Syracuse, NY

Anaren Ceramics complex multi-layer thick-film ceramic substrates & LTCC devices

Anaren MSK: DC Pwr. Regulators, Converters Hybrids & RF multi-Chip Modules (hermetic)

RF Networks: DRFMs, Beamforming Networks

Anaren Space: Hybrids, Couplers, Pwr Dividers / Combiners
Santa Clara, CA

Electro-Mech. RF/Microwave Coax Switches 1P2T, 1PMT, Transfer & custom Matrixes. Freq: up-to 40GHz // Life: up to 10M cycles Hi-Pwr: 500W(cw). custom Hot-switching. Low-PIM. M-series- for rugged environments
Melbourne, FL
Precision Coaxial Connectors to 65 GHz. Standard & Custom Designs. Inter-Series Adapters. High Power Designs. Designed & Manufactured in the USA.
Suwanee, GA

Measurement Instruments & Systems for Antenna & RCS Testing: Receivers, Sources, Controllers, Positioners, Pylons, NearField Scanners, Compact Range Reflectors

Range & Instrumentation Design Services.
Tampa, FL

Subsystems: Integrated Microwave Assemblies Freq. Sources/Exciters, Ultra low Phase Noise Sources, Synthesizers, Receivers, Up/Down Converters, Switch Filters / Matrices, TFS - Precise Time & Frequency Systems

Component-Group: Ferrite Devices Isolators, Circulators, Iso-Filters / Detectors / Limiters
Littleton, MA

RF/Microwave Rotary Joints up-to 50GHz for Radar, comm, Air Traffic Control & SATCOM. Single, Multi-channel for Space, shipboard, airborne, missile. Ring Roll technology for maintenance free, high-rel Slip Rings. Rotary solutions for Fiber optics & fluids.
Melville, NY

RF Amplifiers: Solid-State High Power, 5 watts to multi-kW. Broadband SSPA's using LDMOS, GaN and GaAs. Standard & Custom. Module & Rack Designs.

HILL Eng. - High-Pwr. Solid State Switches, wideband RF Limiters & Receiver Protectors
Wallingford, CT

Hi-performance ultra-Low Loss Coax Cables up-to 110GHz, Phase Stable Flex & SiO2 multi-Ports, Hi-Power, 0dB-Loss Assemblies LMR cables, LLPL, Low-PIM

Times-Protect EMI-EMP/Lightning protection

SilverLine Test Cables - VNA up-to 110GHz
Thousand Oaks, CA

Antennas for: Airborne, Space & Ground
SATCOM Ku, Ka-band. High-Gain Phased Array DataLinks & Ku-band. Man-pack antennas Multi-band Directional. C2 & Data Terminals, Missile & Munitions antennas
Tracking & Direction Finding systems Pedestals El/Az & Rotator & Controllers
Ann Arbor, MI

Inmet_Division: Powerfilm components (former KDI), Bias Tees, Coaxial Adapters,Fixed Attenuators, DC Blocks, Detectors, Dust and Moisture Caps, Gain Equalizers, Terminations, Opens/Shorts, Pwr. Dividers, Resistors
Garden Grove, CA

Antenna Test Chamber Design&Construction Compliance and Anechoic. Chamber repair upgrades, refurbishment. Relocation Services Absorber Installation. Door maintenance.